Keeping up Appearances



Believe it or not, the time has come to put “all things summer” to rest, and to bring the warm tones and textures of Fall to life within your home. Does this mean that you have to repaint every accent wall a deep wine red or a pumpkin orange? Absolutely not. The look is in the details, from the tree bark candles burning on the mantles, to the brown faux fur throws that are within arms reach that you cozy up with for movie night. The dried floral arrangements that you place in little nooks, to the wicker baskets that you fill with warm slippers for your guests at the door. This, my friends, is Fall at its best. Simply take the time to change the little things in your home for the overall effect, and you will be ready to welcome the cold too.

Make sure your Fall decor is not too difficult to “Winterize” or your efforts and budget may both be strained. For instance, if you purchase a Fall wreath for the door, make sure that with just a few hints of silver or gold glitter leaves, and a beautiful red bow tied proudly at the top, your wreath could go from Fall to Winter in minutes. It is the most cost and time effective way of getting the look you want for any time of the year.  You may also feel as if the holiday season has arrived too abruptly, with all of the Christmas commercials and  holiday displays in the stores that bombard your mind to start planning early. The early ‘holiday spirit’ arrival could also serve as a gentle reminder to get your outdoor decorating done while the weather is still in the pluses. It is alot more fun to put up the decorations when you could feel your fingers and your toes! You will also have alot more patience with the web of lights that you spend hours trying to pull apart. I hope my ideas keeps you warm, stylish and on budget this winter season. Have a good one.


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