Cake Walk

So, I’m finding my niche in the world of cakes and I have to say that it is pretty rewarding! Now, don’t let the title of this blog fool you, my new-found love is definitely no cake walk! There is so much one needs to explore in the world of baking and how complex each recipe can be, and if you dare to shake things up by adding a pinch of this or that, it could totally ruin the turn out. Believe me, I am witness to it. However, when you get past the baking bit, and you get your hands on some icing, a whole new world of cake designing is now at your finger tips.

Camera 2014 322

I am putting my heart and soul into the cakes I’m making, and please remember I am coming from very humble beginnings, but it is turning out to be almost a therapy for me. It’s a chance to let my mind wander as I mix, spread and create, and it has been quite the designing experience. What I realize is that the element of design can be found in almost anything we do and as long as you are using your personal touch to make something your own, consider yourself a designer, my friend!
The challenge for me and the purpose of this business is to tackle any design dilemma and just “do me,” and I plan to rock this cake walk one cake at a time!

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